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Swimming Pool for your Dogs!!!

Dogs don’t stop playing because they grow old, they grow old because they stop playing.

Whether your goal is to keep your dog in optimal physical and psychological health, manage weight, help prevent injuries or recover from surgeries, as well as help with arthritis for our senior citizens, swimming is the best exercise for your pup at any stage of your dog life.  And let’s not forget about swimming and retrieving just for fun!


5-star boarding facility offers large kennel areas, safe from bushfires, with ample play and
exercise space and 24/7 video monitoring. 


We greatly value the well-being and health of all dogs at the Doghotelcy.That’s why a qualified veterinarian is on call 24/7.


Balanced nutrition and quality ingredients are vital for a dog’s behavior and physical appearance. That’s why Dogshotelcy feeds Eukanuba Pet Food. 

Let’s Have Fun!!!

From puppies to senior citizens, this is the best exercise you can give to your dog.A swim session rejuvenates your dog’s body and mind. As a form of zero-impact exercise, water relieves any weight or strain on dogs’ joints. It relaxes the body and improves mobility.Your dog will never be alone in the water! One of our swim coaches will be in the pool with your pet to make this experience fun and safe.

Please Note:

Only healthy dogs are allowed to use the recreational pool.  All post-surgical dogs and dogs weakened by injury or old age require a physical therapist clearance prior to using the recreational pool.  If your dog falls into one of these categories, please call to schedule an initial evaluation to obtain clearance prior to using the recreational pool.


The Benefits of Swimming 

  • Faster recovery from surgery, sprain or strain.
  • Reduced pain
  • Release of stress
  • Age related limitations: decreased mobility, arthritis, stiffness.
  • Weight reduction & management.
  • Improved body condition & physical performance.
  • Cardiovascular fitness.